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SIRMED's core competence is to provide training in rescue and emergency medicine. Through the training we provide, we help to ensure that emergency patients receive the best possible care at the pre-clinical stage. We specialise in care for people with spinal column injuries.

The training courses we offer:
  • are aimed at the needs of customers and the market
  • are designed for optimum participant safety
  • have content which is geared towards current international standards
  • encourage greater competence in actions taken
  • are led by our trainers with specialist and pedagogical competence
  • are supported with modern materials and infrastructure
Our culture:
  • is characterised by interaction between people based on mutual appreciation and support. We treat everyone attentively, without prejudice and with tolerance, and we give the individual the space they need for their own particular requirements and interests. We engage in open and direct communication.
  • is characterised by a claim about performance which is supported by our employees' strengths. We recognise weaknesses and faults as important factors in enabling us to review and improve the services we provide and our processes as a learning organisation on a continuous basis.
  • fosters a climate in which new ideas and innovations can develop and grow.
  • facilitates a high level of learning and work satisfaction.
Our understanding of quality:
  • We regard the quality of our work as decisive for the satisfaction and trust of our customers, partners and employees and, thus, for safeguarding business and work relations that will last. We attach pivotal importance to quality awareness in all processes, as well as to the quality of all our services.
  • By establishing and implementing a structured quality management system (QMS), we create the basis for safeguarding and expanding our market position. This calls for quality to be treated as a permanent theme, for quality-related questions to be broached again and again, and for the quality of our processes and products to be subject to continuous scrutiny and improvement. We are presented with challenges in all of our activities, both internally and externally.
  • Conforming to the QMS in the day-to-day running of the business requires commitment, technical competence and responsibility on the part of all members of staff. Management makes a commitment that both it and the organisation will work towards the development, realisation and ongoing improvement of the quality management system.

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Swiss Institute for Rescue Medicine AG
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CH-6207 Nottwil

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