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Guided tours of our premises in Nottwil

Since its opening, more than 20’000 in-patient treatments have been carried out at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPC) in Nottwil. Representatives from societies, school groups, businesses, vocational and professional associations, and political parties, etc. can gain an insight into the work that goes in to do this any time.
Guided tours are given by members of staff by appointment on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons.

Entrance fee: The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation does not charge any fees for its guided tours through the Swiss Paraplegic Centre. However, we do very much appreciate your donation. Thank you.

  • We offer guided tours of the organisation every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon from 2 pm to 5 pm.
  • For example, visitors can see the following areas: Ergotherapy – Practice apartment - Physiotherapy - Sport/Table tennis - Orthotec/Wheelchair mechanics – Advisory services – Vocational guidance – Meeting hall.
  • We will try to satisfy individual requests.
  • Groups of over 25 people will be split into smaller groups.
  • Visits should be arranged at least two months in advance.
  • The minimum age is 14.
  • There is a limited number of parking spaces available in the car park. Parking costs CHF 1.80 per hour.
  • Generally speaking, we recommend that you travel here by public transport.


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Information on our menu suggestions

  • Please discuss your menu choice with the event coordination/
  • It is a common choice menu required.
  • For small groups lends itself to our self-service restaurant.
  • Please take the front seat reservations early, because our space is limited (at least three weeks before).
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